Is Courtney Love a Modern Marie?


Is Courtney Love a Modern Marie?


Our rosy queen made the cover of Hole’s latest album, Nobody’s Daughter. The image is a portrait by Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun tellingly cropped at the neck. Does Courtney Love see herself as a Modern Marie? Maybe.

Like Marie, Courtney has been a symbol of bad behavior, partying and (sadly) tragedy.  And like Marie, she calmed down a little as she matured. Today, she’s a glam gal. A photo of her in a recent New York magazine shows her at the Givenchy gala in honor of performance artist Marina Ambrovic. We don’t see Courtney in the news the way we see today’s modern Maries: drunk, passed out, lost. Courtney, comparatively, has calmed down and classed up.

Or is she, as the back of the CD suggests, a different tragic queen?


Marie calmed down and classed up. She changed her behavior but no one could forget her troubled past, just like no one will likely forget Courtney’s. Courtney (and Marie) changed, but everyone else didn’t. Which might explain Marie’s appearance on Courtney’s first album in many many moons. And it might explain why I can’t help thinking about Marie when I read the lyrics to some of the songs on Hole’s latest album.  

Never Go Hungry, from Nobody’s Daughter

“It’s a long way back, from where I’ve fallen from

It’s a very hard fall, it’s very cruel town

And my dress is torn and I’ve got no jewels

And I’m hungry for a life a little less cruel

Some dignity, and not too much sorrow

Just a little bit of hope, hold out for tomorrow”

Is Courtney a Modern Marie? What do you think?


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