Covet this: Chocolates from Marie’s court

Like any true lover of life, Marie chose her indulgences carefully. Her drink of choice was water from the Ville d’Avray. Her drug of choice for many years was high couture. And Marie, like you and I, was a lover of chocolate. She even started her mornings with a cup of sipping chocolate.

Pistolles, or chocolate coins, reportedly helped our Marie take her medicine.

Marie, of course, did not nibble Hershey or drink the equivalent of 18th century Yoo Hoo. The girl had standards. Modern Maries looking for similar chocolate enlightenment can visit Debauve & Gallais, the official chocolatiers of the French court in the 1800s. The chocolates were made exclusively for royalty until the 1900s and their modern offerings include the Pistoles, or chocolate coins with a golden crest, created specifically for Marie herself. (I suppose it is some consolation that if we cannot have a monarchy that we can at least enjoy their vendors.)

Other offerings include loose leaf teas (named for the queen and, shockingly, that Napoleon fellow), chips for hot sipping chocolate and truffles. If you’re not in the New York area (for shame!) you can always order from the site’s online store.

20 E. 69th St., New York, NY 10021 
at Madison Ave., 212-734-8880


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