Covet this: Macarons fit for a Royal


If you're going to get a macaron, you should at least eat one fit for a royal. Photo from


It’s hard to live like a proper royal but proprietors such as  the Macaron Cafe in NYC ease this burden significantly.

The modern-day shop was created in tribute to an encounter between Marie-Louise, pastry chef to the French royal court, and Vincent, Maitre-D’hôtel for the Italian nobility. According to the shop’s site, Marie-Louise was incredibly talented, and after travelling to Italy with other court personalities, wanted to learn the secret of the macaron from Marco, the Italian head pastry chef. Marco was apparently a terrible boor and refused. Luckily, Vincent was charmed by our Marie-Louise, and decided to help her. Our hero knew our villain’s weakness for Chianti and plied the man with the drink until the secret was released. That is how one man’s chivalry and another man’s drunkeness revealed the flaky delicious macaron to Marie-Louise.

I would do anything to get macarons in this adorable box (ok, not *anything* but you catch my drift).

Macaron Café NYC was founded by Marie Louise’s descendent,  Arnaud Cannone. Daily flavors are a veritable rainbow of colors and flavors include cassis, espresso, violette flower, rose & litchee and passion fruit. Come for a sweet, a breakfast or a lunch (just remember to bring some home to get this adorable giftbox).

$2.25, each. Macaron Cafe NYC, 485 7th Ave., (at 36th St.); 625 Madison Ave. (at 59th St.) or online.


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