How are you celebrating Bastille day? A holiday roundup

Frugal style blog assembled these 18th century-inspired goodies for your approval.

If you must know, your humble blog mistress is torn by Bastille day. On the one hand, it was a bitterly painful anniversary for her queen and the French monarchy. On the other hand, it’s one of the only days a powdered wig can be found socially acceptable in modern society. Regardless, there are a few imaginative ideas for celebrating this year’s Bastille Day. Here is a roundup so you may spend the day as you please.

1. How to Dress
Get  through the day whether you’re a staunch monarchist or a dirty rebel.

2. How to shop
The end of Absolutism does not preclude your owning ruffled bikini bottoms from Old Navy, a tiered lace tube dress from Arden B and a beaded clutch from J.Crew. From Mizhattan.

3. Fireworks at Eiffel Tower
A YouTube video with music, elegance and the Champ De Mars

4. How to impress your friends
Author Catherine Delors explained how the Bastille became somewhat of a tourist attraction after its storming until its full demolition. From Versailles and More.

5. How to celebrate if you’re busy on July 14
Live music, merguez and buckets of sand dumped onto a main road to make petanque courts for Francophiles of all persuasions.

How are you celebrating Bastille Day?

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One Response to How are you celebrating Bastille day? A holiday roundup

  1. Pam Kellogg says:

    Love your blog! Found you at Twitter. Thank you so much for the retweet! I added your blog to my sidebar. I will be back. I’m a huge fan of Marie Antoinette!


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