How a well-to-do woman spends her day

Your blog mistress was charmed by a description in Olivier Bernier’s The Eighteenth Century Woman about how a woman of wealth and connection filled the hours. The excerpt follows:

Your blog mistress' used copy of this book came with a stamp from the Gourmet Magazine library.

Unless there was a court function, she had to attend, she rose late. After drinking a cup of chocolate in bed, she went through her first, private toilette. Then the doors opened to her little court of admirers. Sitting at her dressing table in corset and short petticoat, our lady chatted with them while the long process of the toilette was completed. At this time tradespeople came to offer their wares, new coiffures were invented and the day’s gossip was exchanged.

After a ride, perhaps in the Bois de Boulonge, came dinner, eaten between four and six, and the the theater, the Opera or a ball. The day ended with a late supper at eleven or midnight. A lecture, a drive, or a visit to the fashionable shops might be squeezed into the early afternoon.

It’s a life your blog mistress could get used to. How about yourself?

The Eighteenth Century Woman is available from Amazon for $8.95 and up. (Your blog mistress has no sponsorship, affiliation or connection with Amazon or any other companies she links to on this blog, by the way. She simply wants to connect you to eighteenth-century goodness).


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