Free Stuff! Marie Antoinette Paper Dolls

I know what you’re thinking. You want free online paper dolls of Marie Antoinette but don’t know where to go. Fret no longer. Your humble blog mistress has found not just one but two online paper dolls of your favorite deceased monarch.

1. Fun site Paper Doll Hollywood features articles as as well, but you can click here to get to the Marie Antoinette paper doll goodness.

2. California artist Sarah at Totally Severe has created a 3-page PDF for your personal use that you can print out onto cardstock for fun and merriment. Marie comes with several outfits and a coiffure that resembles a Parisian snow globe.

The Marie Antoinette paper dolls are perfect as party favors, ways to get through boring meetings, or as companions for your other cardstock monarchs you might have laying about.


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