Marie Antoinette Cakes That Will Blow your Mind

Toile, roses and four cake tiers make a stunning skirt for our Cake Antoinette.

Last week, I posted a collection of Marie Antoinette-themed cakes I’d found on our grand Interweb, thinking that I’d provided for you, my dear reader, a well-curated selection. What I didn’t know, and needed Twitter friend Lily of Opulence to show me, is that the most incredible Marie Antoinette cakery was yet unknown to me. Your blog mistress is not prone to hyperbole so please indulge me.

Cake Opera Co. in Ontario Canada is the home of cake artist Alexandria Pellegrino and pastry chef Jessica Smith. Pellegrino fuses a background in fine arts and art history to sculpt cakes of stunning detail. Smith draws from her studies in history and culture, and her later studies in pastry to invent delicious, 18th century-inspired masterpieces. Both have studied at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa.

Please, do yourself a favor and gape over Cake Opera Co.’s Web site (even the Web site is cool) where you’ll truly find the most precious cakes, cupcakes and macarons imagined. You will weep for the fact that there is no Cake Opera Co. in your fair city.

Links good to know:
Last week’s Cake Post: More Marie Antoinette Cakes

Cake Opera Co.

Images from Events by Elizabeth Grace.

Trade her red sugar locks for blonde curls and this could be the cake Du Barry

Your blog mistress wishes she had things this beautiful in her home, never mind on her dessert plate.

If you cannot wear your frigate in your pouf, best to have it painted on your cake.

A close-up of the lady who sets this cake's sails.

I believe Cake Opera has given Rose Bertin a run for her money.

At the best masquerades, even the cakes are masked.


9 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette Cakes That Will Blow your Mind

  1. Jennie says:

    I love your blog! I’ve spent the last year reading to prepare for a trip to Paris and Normandy, with my trip to Versailles to walk where Marie walked at its center. Your take on the Modern Marie is interesting and I have signed up to follow you.


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      Thanks Jennie! Paris is lovely and Versailles (sob) I have not yet seen. I visited but couldn’t make it to the palace. I wasn’t obsessed with Marie Antoinette at the time, so I think it was for the best.I will return with much more appreciation for what I’ll be seeing and be able to soak in so much more. Your trip sounds wonderful.


  2. Sarah says:

    Wow! Beautiful cakes! I live in Ontario, Canada so it’s fabulous to know a place like this is nearby in case I ever need a piece of art for any event. Thanks for the link!


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