All the Links that Are Fit to Post

This gown, believed to be the queen, was altered in the 19th century and currently on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Your blog mistress stumbled upon the following this week and thought you’d like a look.

A museum exhibit dedicated to Marie’s rumored love, the dashing Axel von Fersen, complete with his desk, burnt letters and all.

A podcast about a dress believed to be the queen’s. The dress is, you guessed, a product of Grand Mogul, Rose Bertin’s famed shop and dressed with spangles, silk embroidery and glass beads. (For more Versailles costume goodness, check out this post from the Versailles and More archives).

A post about a digital Versailles painstakingly recreated on Second Life — and the movie that will be filmed there from Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide.

Call for links: Your blog mistress is compiling a page of Marie Antoinette / 18th century / historical / super fun sites and resources for release next week on the site. If you have a favorite blog or site that you think every one must know about, I’d like to know about it too. Please list it in the comments for consideration.


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