Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Even more awesome Marie-inspired invites

For an exhaustive Marie Antoinette Party planning guide click here.

For the past few weeks we’ve used our Wednesdays to discuss the very important matter of planning the Marie Antoinette party. I’ve covered cakes and more cakes and last Wednesday in this space I introduced you to some very lovely Marie Antoinette inspired invitations. Since paper products are an essential part of a Marie inspired bash, I’ve saved a entire post for the most impressive Marie-inspired stationer I’ve found: Paper Nosh.

“Let Them Eat Cake”
For Birthday Parties, “Will you be my bridesmaid” cards and showers

Royale Paparazzi Versailles, Blue
Perfect for showers and other special celebrations

With a matching stamp…Royale Paparazzi Versailles, Pink
A fit for any kind of girls’ night out

With, again, a matching stamp

Venetian Masquerade
For Mardi Gras, costume balls and sweet sixteens

Die-cut Party Invitations
For the day of indulgence you’ve been wanting to plan

And matching gift tags and custom box

And apparently each of her designs is sent to you in this charming packaging.

Can you stand it? These are lovely even as personal stationery and blank cards for those occasions you want to tell a friend she’s fabulous in your own Marie way. Check out her blog, Pink Paperie, for delicious paper product updates.


7 thoughts on “Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Even more awesome Marie-inspired invites

    • mistressoftheblog says:

      i just saw your wonderful post and have to thank you for your lovely words and for including me amongst some of my favorite Marie Antoinette blogs. That’s some wonderful company. I got a chance to see your blog as well and hope others take the chance to check out your posts. I saw your seviche post and I’m incredibly hungry now 🙂


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