What Sites Would Marie Antoinette Bookmark?

Your blog mistress has worked diligently to assemble her list of favorite Marie Antoinette sites. The list is a tribute, really, to the sites she herself enjoys, and is happy to be a sister among this sites on the web. These sites are compiled on their own separate tab, above including:

  • Historical sites about the queen herself
  • Historical sites about the 18th century
  • Fun sites that are Marie-inspired (fun, fashion, crafting)
  • Sites about costuming and clothing
  • Sites to jumpstart further reading and research

I’ve not included any of the party planning resources (cakes, invitations or Etsy pages), since those can be found easily through a search of the blog categories. Please let me know in the page’s comments if there is any page that I have missed.

To check it out, click here or look at the menu bar above.


2 thoughts on “What Sites Would Marie Antoinette Bookmark?

  1. Lucy says:

    Such a great list! All the blogs you mention are fabulous. I’ve now bookmarked the new ones I wasn’t aware of before. Thanks for putting this together; it’s a wonderful source of information:)


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