Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Decor

Hair powder and decadence are basis for any stellar Marie party. Photo from Blackcigarette.

For an exhaustive Marie Antoinette Party planning guide click here

Party like it’s 1785!

Anyone can have an 80s party, but as we’ve been discussing in this space, the real fun comes from a 1780s party. A Marie Antoinette party is a super theme for showers, milestone birthdays, DVD Viewing parties and even weddings. It’s even a great idea for a fundraiser, Marie was known to donate to  hospitals, animals, unwed mothers and children. We’ve covered cakes [here and here] and invitations [here and here] and even party accessories. Today, in honor of in honor of the queen, we will discuss decor.

Setting: Anywhere with a chandelier is always good, but barring that, anyplace with enough space for conversating, fun and dancing. Don’t limit yourself to restaurants, halls and homes. Recreate the Queen’s toilette at a spa party, her Ministry of Fashion at shoe or shopping party at your favorite boutique, or her charming Hameau at your favorite park. Whatever you choose, make sure you can make it seem fun, inviting and like a setting to remember.

From Bellenza.

Hanging streamers on a chandelier can provide fun and decadence.

Pearls, gold chargers, lace napkins and patterned china complete a well-appointed table.

From Cachic Design

Fresh flowers, fresh linens and a table al fresco, in tribute to Marie's charming Hameau.

Must have accessories: Fresh flowers in china cups and pots and on cake stands. For ambiance, gather white lights in birdcages, place votive candles, silver or gold candleholders anywhere you want romance. For sparkle, use mirrors for trays of petits fours. Tie ribbons to anything that won’t move and use your food in your decor: pile Viennese pastries, macarons and cupcakes on tiered trays.

Color Scheme: Pastel blues and pinks are great, as are punkier black and hot pink. It never hurts to incorporate gold or silver, to mimic the riches and much-ness of Versailles. Wedsmack adds: “Focus on the immense range of neutrals on the pastel end of the wheel for your base: porcelain, biscuit, pale pink, peach, oyster, pearl. Accent with frothy, feminine colors that aren’t oversaturated: salmon, dusty rose, coffee, celadon.”

From DailyWedShare

Go for abundance for a true Marie-inspired look.

Think in textures: Wedsmak also suggests you consider “Silky damasks in two or more layers. Don’t use the same combinations at every table. Do use complementary colors. Other must-haves: feathers (look at vintage shoe clips, hair embellishments, fans, centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquet collars). Gold chargers, luxury napkins folded into fleur-de-lis, silk fans opened on a plate with a handwritten guest tag woven between the spokes, rose topiaries on the tables, corded or braided edging in ivory or gold, letterpressed gold monograms, parasols, satin bows, gloves and ruffles.”

From Primadonna Bride

Hang greenery from light fixtures and place fairy lights in birdcages for depth and warmth.

Which party ideas are  your favorite? How is your planning coming?


6 thoughts on “Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Decor

  1. Ellendiane says:

    Thank you for all the lovely ideas… I liked them so much I’m really thinking on a Marie Antoinette wedding inspired. I’m from Brasil and I was in Paris, Versailles 2 weeks ago. So everything you just posted is as I was looking for. Thanks a lot. I even made a post based in your ideas in my tumblr, I hope you don’t mind.


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      Hi Ellen! I’m so jealous you just came back from Versailles and I’m excited for your wedding! Keep us updated on the planning. I’d love to hear about great things you find. And I’d love to see photos when the wedding is done. I’ll check out your tumblr, too. Sounds awesome!


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