Marie Party Dress Code: Sexy Courtier

Each Wednesday this space covers the all-important topic of the Marie Antoinette themed party. We’ve covered cakes [here and here] and invitations [here and here] and even party accessories and decor. Today’s topic? Dress code.

Marie herself chose her guards for their attractiveness and once borrowed a few to have enough dance partners at a ball. I mention this to underscore the importance of guests adding to your decor. It can’t be underestimated.

Your dress code, if you can manage it, is sexy courtier. Pay no mind to nervous guests who don’t dress in costume or don’t know what to wear. Not everyone can or should be a sexy courtier.

Tips for the gentlemen:

  • Tie a loose cravat around the neck.
  • Wear an Eton collar or other high-buttoning Oxford.
  • Roll up the pants to below the knee and  don buckled shoes if you have them.
  • Powder hair or spray it gray with temporary hair color spray.

Tips for the ladies:

  • Tie a ribbon around the neck.
  • Pin curls atop your head for a makeshift pouf. Adorn with feathers, pearls, flowers or a fascinator if you have one.
  • Try rouged cheeks, red lips and pale skin. Consider coquettish fake eyelashes.
  • Look to ruffled shirts, corsets and petticoats. Wear above the thigh socks with heels and tie ribbons at the sock cuff.
  • Layer with brooches, bangles, pearls and decandence.

For both: Don’t forget to have a little fun. You’re doing the queen an honor, don’t you know.

For even more photos from this party, go to BlackCigarette.


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