Saran Wrap Wigs, Keds and other Marie News

There are five more wigs where this one came from, all made for a Tiffany's window display.

It was a great week for Marie Antoinette themed info online. Here’s a roundup of what you might have missed.

Sculptor Kate Cusack’s 5 jaw-dropping Marie Antoinette poufs (wigs) made from Saran Wrap. From Kate Cusack’s site.

Keds and Opening Ceremony’s Marie-inspired sneaks with toile patterns and kicky embroidery for Fashion’s Night Out. From CityIst.

This awesome Marie day bed. From StumbleUpon.

A blog I’ve just discovered on the Diamond Necklace Affair (and art, and books). From Queen’s Ransom.

Marie Antoinette mannequins in Santa Monica (along with other icons you might recognize). From TeaCups and Couture.


2 thoughts on “Saran Wrap Wigs, Keds and other Marie News

  1. Lucy says:

    Wow thanks for all the amazing links! Unbelievably I have the EXACT same toile de jouy-what is usually do is paint over the details and use it in my collages and artwork..I never thought about embroidering! Great stuff thanks:)


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