Marie Antoinette Cards…and a giveaway!

We’ve done our share of party planning but when I saw these Marie-inspired cards at a store near my house, I had to post them. They’re made by a card company called Calypso and they are fabulous.

Cards for birthdays…

Even a Birthday Wish from Napoleon himself

Not to forget weddings

Or new babies

Buy them online or contact them for a store that carries the line near you.

OR — post in the comments the answer to these questions: 1. What information and articles would you most like to see on this blog (or already do)? 2. What information and articles could you do without? I have two birthday cards that I will mail out to one reader, chosen at random. Entrants must write their answers in the comments and answer both questions to be eligible. Entries close at Saturday morning at 12:01 a.m.

Note: Your blog mistress as no affiliation with this cardmaker or any cardmaker. She only posts things she herself things are awesome and worth it and the cards were doubles she purchased when she bought some for herself.


8 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette Cards…and a giveaway!

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi! I think I can answer both those questions by simply saying…Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t change a thing! Sorry, if you were looking for something specific for me to answer, but honestly, I love your blog with all the fun info just as is! And, please enter me in this fun giveaway- those cards are gorgeous:)


  2. Frida the Fairy says:

    1. What information and articles would you most like to see on this blog (or already do)?
    -Information about how a real royalty behaves.

    2. What information and articles could you do without?
    – I could use less info about interior decorating.


      • Frida the Fairy says:

        I’m sorry, I’m from Finland and cannot speak so fluent english… πŸ™‚
        Well, I’m not so into any decor, but I like to see historically inspired modern stuff! Actually, it was pretty hard to think of anything to critisize this blog about, because I find it quite perfect already!
        I’ve just found your blog, and I love it!<3
        And those cards are amazing! Too bad we don't have those in Finland. But guess what… I'm throwing a halloween masquerade next month, and I'm gonna be starring Marie Antoinette herself! So any tips about behavior and looks are welcome. πŸ˜‰


  3. Nicola says:

    1. I’d L-O-V-E to see more of those delicious articles of where people write their personal problems to you and you answer their prayers with your views! (Reading about personal problems is my one weakness!)
    2. I’d have to say, there really isn’t anything that i’d do without on this blog of yours. But since you’re twisting my arm, Perharps I could read less about book reviews. They are a good way to find out which book is recommended but honestly, if I really wanted to read about a book. I’d visit
    All in all, I absolutely love this blog you have here!


  4. mistressoftheblog says:

    Attention everyone! The contest is closed and the winner, Lucy of Enchanted by Josephine, has been notified. Thanks to everyone for their amazing comments and for entering. Take heart — I plan more giveaways very soon so if you didn’t win this one, you’ll have a chance to win something else very Marie and cool.


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