Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume Inspiration

We have dabbled a little in Marie-inspired dress in this previous post, but Halloween is coming and as we all know, further discussion is needed to perfect the ultimate costume.

Elements of the Perfect Marie Antoinette costume:

1. The perfect wig. Antoinette’s Atelier on Etsy specializes in ornate wigs embellished with ribbon, curls and fabulousness.

2. Gloves. Another from Antoinette’s Atelier, these gloves stretch above the elbow and are embellished with cameos, ribbons and swarovski crystals.

3. Make your own “ghost of Antoinette” costume. If the above are beautiful but possibly out of your costume budget, try this costume using paper, ingenuity, and of course, duct tape.

4. Makeup. Check out this site for ideas and a fun step-by-step video on how to recreate Marie’s pale skin, rouged cheeks and lips, and upswept hair. The page has a good collection of links, including to ready-made high-quality costumes and sewing patterns if you’ve got the skillz.

If you like that, Gala Darling points out specific makeup products to use to recreate a perfect Marie look ( and who wouldn’t rather buy good quality makeup she’ll use again than the weird Halloween makeup they sell in those pop-up costume shops.)

5. Stockings. Try thigh-high knee socks and tie a ribbon at the top like a garter. Or buy these ready made:

6. Shoes. You can always wear plain black flats or a low heel Mary Jane. You might even consider these refurbished Marie-styled shoes from Oxford Heaven on Etsy.

7. Skirts. For a modern Marie update, go short with one of those mini petticoats that are all the rage. Your blog mistress is not an American Apparel girl, but she can’t ignore how perfect this mini petti would look as a Marie costume (and how fun it would be to wear afterwards).

6. Hand Fans. The great Martha Stewart’s pages are filled with ideas for embellishing your own fans with stamps or paper cuts. Her site is packed with ideas, but here’s good page for getting started.

What ideas did you have in mind for a Marie Antoinette costume? Post any ideas, inspirations or possible solutions for pulling together a great costume in the comments so everyone can share in your greatness.


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