Real-World Marie Antoinette Halloween Costumes

The best part of Halloween isn’t just the costumes — is the creativity and ingenuity. The fun is in how people transform themselves using what they’ve got: their brains, their two hands and the odds and ends that someone else would toss into recycling. Here are some real-world Marie Antoinette costumes to get you inspired and ready to become the queen on the big day.

1. Go for color
There’s nothing better than professional makeup and hair stylists for inspiration. Read this post to learn a pro’s detailed process but don’t be daunted. Use the photos for inspiration. Spray color for your hair, feathers and technicolor makeup complement your outfit add a touch of edge to any Marie ensemble.

2. Go Big!
You’ll want to study this detailed post of a modern Marie who crafted this magnificent pouf out of artificial hair, curling the locks around broomsticks and forming them around chicken wire.

3. Use what you have
Martha has this idea for newsprint wigs, which might make styling an 18th century-worthy pouf a little easier, since you’ll be using paste not hairspray.

4. Get resourceful.
These next costumes might rankle the avid Marie fan who cannot bear to see our queen portrayed in such a gorey fashion. But I include them for their ingenuity. Did you know  you can fake a hoop skirt with old umbrellas. More tips are available here.

Here’s another on the same theme. You might check out this post’s photos and Flickr stream for ideas on how this mom did her daughter’s hair and makeup just so.

5. Use all your talents
Can you sew? There are plenty of historical costume blogs online, some on my own resource list. You can also search the internet for sewing patterns from makers like Simplicity. This crafter did just that and made this Betsey Johnson inspired Marie Antoinette mini.

What do you think? How would you put together a Marie-inspired costume?

Need more inspiration? Check out our previous Halloween costume post.


8 thoughts on “Real-World Marie Antoinette Halloween Costumes

      • Frida the Fairy says:

        I’m going to create Marie Antoinettes masquerade-look, as seen in the movie. So black black black! I’ve got underbust corset-vest (just like this one: and I’m going to wear it with ruffled short dress, with a petticoat of course. Because my hair doesn’t go under my shoulders, I will curl it and pin most of it up, leaving that curly tail on my neck. (I’m sorry, my vocabulary isn’t perfect since english is not my first language.. :)) Then I’ll add more ruffles, flowers, bows and stuff to create that true queen-look. 🙂 I’m still working on shoes & jewellery.


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