Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette!

Card from Calypso Cards: http://www.calypsocards.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=BD04074&eq=&Tp= Maybe you  have a soft-spot for frippery, abundance and fun. Or maybe you are so into Marie Antoinette that you started a blog about her. Ahem. Regardless, you can consider paying tribute to her today, November 2, the anniversary of her birth in 1755.

Ways to remember Marie: Enjoy her favorite things

  • Start the morning right: Have a cup of decadent drinking chocolate. (I suggest Jacques Torres or Marie Belle).
  • Find your courtiers! Get your girlfriends together for an afternoon of pampering at a spa and get a manicure, pedicure or hair treatments. (I’ve not been, but this looks decadent in Paris, this looks like fun in NYC, and this place in Florida offers a Marie-inspired chocolate scrub and marshmallow facial).
  • Visit your Ministry of Fashion: Engage a personal shopper at your favorite shop to help you choose and adorn a new outfit. Or just sit in Juicy Couture for five minutes and soak in the chandeliers and royal worthy decor.
  • Get clapping: Secure tickets to the ballet or the opera — or any live music or theater event. Make sure to support the artists. Get inspired by watching the opera Marie watched here, or these ballets and lectures.
  • Donate to a favorite charity. Marie had been known to support hospitals, unwed mothers and the poor.
  • Go on Twitter and Search for “Marie Antoinette” — then correct anyone misusing “Let Them Eat Cake.” (I’m kidding. That’s real nerdy. Don’t do that). But you can follow me, and I’ll be suggesting Marie-worthy ways you can enjoy the day at @wwmariedo.

Have a great, decadent, beautiful day! How will you celebrate?


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette!

  1. Ladycathead says:

    Happy birthday your Majesty! I was thinking about other fun ways to celebrate:
    *Go dancing with your friends (My personal fave).
    * Have a champagne & poker night. If you want to not gamble for money, use macaroons. Try not to eat all your earnings.
    *Tie a beautiful satin bow on your favorite pet & give them a big hug!


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