The Marie Antoinette Gift Guide

It’s holiday time and no matter what you celebrate, it’s nice to be remembered by the people you like best. It’s also nice to receive fabulous things and I’ve collected a few for your review.

This queen of the universe tee from Juicy Couture

This Trousseau Apron from Anthropologie

Or these awesome Ladies in Waiting plates (also from Anthropologie)

Or maybe a charming makeup bag from Too Faced (only $10)!

Or a gorgeous candle from Cire Trudon
that doubles as sculpture of our proud queen

Or her short cranky successor

More on Cire Trudon in a later post. But until then, you tell me — what does a modern Marie want most this time of year?


7 thoughts on “The Marie Antoinette Gift Guide

    • mistressoftheblog says:

      Frida — I’m sure there are queen worthy things in Finland! What are your favorite stores? maybe I’ll feature things from those places too (they might have websites in english and maybe even stores all over the world, or at least online shopping so everyone can shop there too. these shops have online shopping I think, which was partly why I included these shops).


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      The plates? Yes, the plates are quite awesome. I’ve seen them in person in an attempt to convince myself that I do not in fact need to purchase them immediately but they are very cool. They look like paper plates but are completely real dishes.


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