Marie Antoinette gift guide Part Deux

Marie could not enjoy Black Friday because America was barely a nation in her day leaving no chance for a national holiday or coinciding retail extravaganza. This is a pity. Still, this is no reason to believe that Marie would not have enjoyed such an event or encouraged your own enjoyment — provided your purchases were suitably fabulous and devoted to her great legacy. I’ve compiled a second gift guide (The first was here) that I think will do just that.

1. This Marie-inspired Thaumatrope. Popular in the Victorian era, the thaumatrope is a two-sided disk with an image on either side that combine when the disk is spun. Spin this disk and Marie seems to don and remove her masquerade mask — and even wink.

From The Mymble's Daughter

2. Team Rococo T-shirt
Those into Conan O’Brien are on Team Coco. Those into Marie’s life and times are on Team Rococo. Tell the world where you stand with this very clever T-shirt from the 18th Century History Blog’s Etsy shop. And follow the Tumblr site while you’re at it, since it’s pretty wonderful.

3. Real women wear ruffles
Etsy Seller LiliesOValley creates these beautiful ruffled redingotes that would be beautiful atop a classic shift or leggings. It’s the type of get-noticed jacket that’s perfect for toe-ing the line for vaguely written party dress codes like “fancy casual” or “informal stylish.”

In Pearl

In Milk Caramel Pinstripe

4. Queen of the Friggin Universe Notecards
Yes, that’s exactly what these cards say. And why shouldn’t they? Are queens dishonest? Do they misrepresent themselves? No. They rule first, apologize later. This is one of many irresistible products from the very talented Paper Nosh who this blog has praised in this space before.

That’s it for now, lovelies. What gifts are you hoping to see under your feather tree this holiday?


7 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette gift guide Part Deux

  1. Lucy says:

    I absolutely LOVE the notecards and will be checking out the site…I just wanted to mention that I ordered a copy of Somerset Studio’s past edition on Marie. 144 pages of her! You may already know (or have this), but just in case, here’s the link:

    I can’t wait to receive it. Thanks for the great post as usual:)


  2. Ladycathead says:

    I love the thaumotrope. I’m glad I know the name for this treasure now! I saw one in the Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow movie and didn’t know the name for it. Marvelous!


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