A Marie Christmas — The perfect Tree

Tired of red and green? Sleigh bells? Need something a little more marvelous? I hear you.

But how does one properly dress one’s bare but fabulous pink tree? (from Target)

Maybe start with a little magic from some Marie Christmas fairies (from The Well Appointed Home)

And trade your candle ornaments for  glammo chandeliers, also from Well Appointed home (Why has no one thought of chandelier ornaments before?)

And finish with a few reminders regarding just who is the holiday boss (From Etsy Seller Hudson Holidays)

How do you trim your tree? Let me know your ideas in the comments.

UPDATE 12/2/10: Sadly, I’ve received word from A Well Appointed Home that due to popularity, they have sold out of their Marie Fairy ornaments. I’m still on the case, however, and will check to see if their manufacturer has sold them elsewhere.

7 thoughts on “A Marie Christmas — The perfect Tree

  1. Marie Arden says:

    I don’t see those cute MA ornaments on the Well Appointed House site? I want some! I just made a new tree this year all about Marie Antoinette. It is white with pink ornaments and white swans and her head on the top. I will take some photos and send them to you or you can look at my blog later in Dec will be on there
    Marie Arden Pink Living.blog
    Anyone else find those MA fairy ornaments?


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      Marie, Thanks for posting this. They were for sale on the site around a week or so ago when I wrote this post (along with other Marie things like a Louis XVI and Marie glass ornament and marie-inspired shoes. I write my posts ahead and schedule them, but a week shouldn’t have meant the link would be out of date so soon.) They were totally for sale and the link brought you right to their page at that time. You are correct though,that does not seem to be the case at this moment. I will email the company and find out more and have added a note to that effect on the blog post itself.


  2. Marie Arden says:

    They sold out already I emailed them. I hope they have the ornaments next year. If anyone finds them anyplace else please contact me through my blog. I did a Marie Antoinette tree this year.


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      I emailed them too and updated the blog post with my findings. I agree — if anyone knows anything about them let us know. I also told Well Appointed Home to keep me in the loop for that other other cool Marie gear. Thanks so much for your posts, marie.


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