Viva la Cake Revolution! Site relaunch of this blog’s favorite Marie-inspired cakery

Your humble blog mistress received word that Cake Opera Co., the ultimate bakers of some very awe-inspiring historically inspired cakes [please see my post “Marie Cakes that will blow your mind” here], has re-booted its website and somehow upped its awesomeness to the 10th power.

To refresh your memory, Toronto’s Cake Opera blends an historian’s details and knowledge with a sculptor’s artistry. Their previous website was very cool but this one’s photos, styling and new confections makes me want to climb inside. When looking at the site re-launch I have a few highlights to point out to you:

1. Louis XIV in cake!
And in 24k gold! The Sun King would be proud of this Versailles worthy cake created for Cake Opera Co.’s grand opening.

2. Petits Gateaux!
The Lady Pompadour is one of several delicious looking cupcake confections, some with gold sugar or handcarved coconut. This one features rich vanilla buttercream, sweet caramel heart, mini almond macaron and Cake Opera Co. seal.

3. Pieces Montees!
Whatever you like best — cream puffs, truffles or macarons — can be assembled into one of these impressive towers.

4. Meetings with the makers!
Glammed out photos of Cake Opera Co.’s masterminds are part runway but true to the fashion forward spirit of Marie and her contemporaries. My favorite is the quote alongside artist Alexandria Pellegrino:

“Being yourself is overrated.
Be whoever you want to be.”

Can you stand it? The site says stationery is next on the docket.
I for one, can’t wait. Open question to Cake Opera: When are you coming to America?

In the meantime, visit its Facebook fan page here
and its blog here and tell’em I sent you.


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