Sofia Coppola, The Retronaut and a lock of the queen’s hair

Your humble blog mistress has assembled this list of awesome that she cannot help to share.

1. The Retronaut. How did your blogmistress not know about The Retronaut? This site merges the past with the present with posts such as a Victorian Star Trek and this Paris apartment that was left untouched for 70 years. Take a look and prepare to be distracted.

2. A lock of the Queen’s Hair
Twitter friend @colleenw tipped me off to this blog post with a locket from the British Museum that reportedly holds a lock of Marie Antoinette’s hair. Take a look.

3. New interview, Sofia Coppola,  Marie Antoinette
Sofia Coppola shed a little light into her aims for misunderstood characters and movies in Sunday’s New York times. There’s an interesting point made regarding how lost female characters are seen as vapid (as in reviews of Marie Antoinette) and how lost male characters are seen as deep (as in reviews of Lost in Translation). There’s an interesting point to ponder there (though, frankly, I think the latter was a more cohesive movie, but that is only my humble opinion). Anyway, you can read more yourself  here.

4. Marie-worthy Party Palace shoes
This Etsy seller fabulizes regular flats and heels, adding buckles, lace and bows like this one here for only $60 (and each are custom made for the buyer).


7 thoughts on “Sofia Coppola, The Retronaut and a lock of the queen’s hair

    • mistressoftheblog says:

      You’re welcome Lucy! The hair does seem like a pretty color and I wodner if it is close to the original. I should mention, the CAPs were not my own (regarding the info I just quoted from the British Museum. That’s a direct copy/paste from the caption. Thought I’d mention it since otherwise what I just wrote seems either really eccentric or really steeped with attitude, when neither were the case at all. 🙂


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