Friday Prettiness Fix: Guillotine tie, Pouf Tee, more

Modern Maries. Our life is sometimes so filled with fabulousness that we cannot partake of all the fabulousness around us. That is how I am with this holiday season, and if you are like me, you haven’t had time to do much in the way of shopping or card sending or anything at all (which, in my case, means I have had time to do no present finding and no fun window shopping either). To everything a time, I suppose. And until you can have yours, here’s a a prettiness fix in tribute to more fabulousness to come.

A necktie with Marie’s royal crest on the front and the guillotine silkscreened on the back. ToyBreaker, Hidden Message tie

MagnolijaDress, White Roses Winter Dress

Marie’s Pouf on a fashionable tee. Arthistory101

Feather skirt and girly bomber, Juicy Couture

So tell me, where do you get your prettiness fix this time of year?




2 thoughts on “Friday Prettiness Fix: Guillotine tie, Pouf Tee, more

  1. Ladycathead says:

    I get my prettiness fix from watching the snowflakes fall. From watching the steam rise from my cup of coffee. From the smile of the one I love. And yes, this website too. 🙂


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