Rococo, hot pink, craftastic fabrics

Your blog mistress just discovered Tula Pink, a very talented fabric designer from the midwest. She has a new line called Parisville inspired by our queen, and I thought you’d like to take a look.

We’ll start first with some sketches...(more here)

Then we’ll add color

In greens and yellows

And pinks and purples.

Then we’ll make all that into something even more magical (like she did at a recent  trade show)…

Your blog mistress is a crafter but not a sewer unfortunately. I will mend and ribbon embroider even, but my real sewing attempts can be very Frankenstein. Still, I’m an adept chair recover (often only stapling required!) and this line is offered in laminates, so I could see my kitchen chairs getting a much needed boost from these fabrics.  But if I were more talented I think these would be awesome in pillowcases, duvets or even fun aprons. I could see a cloth napkin set even with coordinating placements. But enough about my thoughts. Tell me yours. And give her a shout out while you are at it.


3 thoughts on “Rococo, hot pink, craftastic fabrics

  1. Lucy says:

    I am going to check this out now! I’d love this in paper as well for my own art- great for collages and mixed media. And-I’m not the greatest at sewing but I bet I could whip up some fabulous napkins with this- I think simple squares I can do,Thanks:)


  2. mistressoftheblog says:

    I with you on simple squares, Lucy. I can make a straight line 😉 I think Napkins are a great idea. With the laminate fabric, you could make a table runner/placemats or even a tablecloth for the outdoors for the summer.

    Paper is an awesome idea. hear that @tulapink? Expand and conquer! Parisville paper products / crafting things would be awesome. I’m thinking stationery at the very least but scrapbooking is a natural fit.


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