Marie, Marie Christmas (and a little Vampire Weekend)

Alert reader Stephanie tipped me off to this music video by Vampire Weekend.  It’s a true 18th century romp (if Marie’s friends could have romped in LA, that is. Sadly, LA had not yet been invented, but there’s no evidence that had it been in existence that Marie and her friends would have driven on Sunset in classic cars and played electric guitars).

View the video here

It is Christmas Eve and if you celebrate, I wish you the best Christmas Eve ever. If you celebrate a different holiday, may that be the best ever as well. If you don’t celebrate anything and prefer to be left alone then I wish you the best aloneness ever (but can’t help telling you she’ll be thinking about you so that sort of spoils that, doesn’t it?).

Your blog mistress is spending her holiday out of town on a much-needed break with family in the Midwest. This post is courtesy of free hotel wifi in Pennsylvania en route to her hometown. She is crossing her fingers for a snow-less drive and wishing you the same, wherever you might be. Enjoy your time with family and friends and she’ll see you post-Christmas.

Marie, Marie Christmas! And a Happy New Year!


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