Modern Marie Antoinette Wedding Theme (Pink Hair Included)

After a long holiday hiatus, your humble blogmistress is BACK (don’t call it a comeback). And as an offering of peace after a too-long time away, she gives you: The Rock And Roll Marie Antoinette Wedding.

In the happy chance that you are planning a wedding (more brides get engaged around the holidays than almost any other time), this is your chance to plan an awesome wedding. In the chance that you simply love pretty photos of things, this will be a fine use of your internetting time.

Gold eyeshadow and a pink pouf for bridal Kapow.

A modern Marie with her well-matched Louis. And a Peacock the couple made themselves apparently, using taxidermy techniques.

Ask bridal salon for this dress and watch their brains implode. Which is likely why this bride and groom SEWED THEIR OWN OUTFITS.

Princesses take coaches. Commoners take cars.

It's not a reception without a salon.

Candleabras are glam enough for modern Maries and tall enough so your guests can actually see each other.

A closer look reveals a funky (possibly DIY) turquiose stand and glass cloche. Well played, my bride. Well played.

The very talented Vorpal images made these shots, and to see more, go here and here.

The hairstyling was done by the awe-and-then-some Kira Pinksi. For hair inspiration click her link. Not to be outdone, Pretty Vivid also contributed to wardrobe and the powdered wig, and you can see more of her work here.

For more unusual weddings, check out my source, Rock n Roll Bride (a bloggess who is pink-haired herself).

If you’re looking for more Marie-inspired weddings, I’ve got my share on this site. I’ll post a round up that indexes all my links for cakes, decor, ideas and more on Friday. Until then, if you search “party” or “wedding” you’ll likely find a suitable diversion. 😉

There we go. Trust that I’m back and regular posts will resume forthwith. How has your 2011 been?


2 thoughts on “Modern Marie Antoinette Wedding Theme (Pink Hair Included)

  1. Ladycathead says:

    I have to admit, one of my fave Coppola MA looks was when she tinted her hair pale pink and was all relaxed and cool at Petit Trianon. This bride has dialed up the color saturation to eleven and it’s AH-MAZ-ING! I could never commit the time and money to full time pink hair but I am enamoured by it and would love to rock a pink Marie pouf wig to a party sometime. Maybe I should have a Marie party as an excuse to do this!? 😀

    PS~Sweet Lolita fashion, lifestyle, etc has some roots in the Rococo style and a lolita blog I enjoy reading is called Lolitacharm.blogspot and of course, the writer of the blog has pink hair!


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      I agree, the pink hair is pretty awesome. I think it does merit a party in its honor :).

      Thanks for the tip about Sweet LolitaFashion.I’ll give it a look. It sounds excessively diverting, which is the requirement of all the blogs I read:)


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