Marie Antoinette Christmas Tree

We have a special treat. I’ve received photos from one of your fellow Marie-o-philes, Marie Arden. She created a beautiful Marie Antoinette themed Christmas tree that deserves ogling.

First, the establishing shot — Yes, you’re looking at a white tree (precious), copious feathers, pearlescent ornaments and masquerade masks. Ingredients for a good time, if I know one.

Now for its closeup: A beautiful dove

A graceful Swan.

A tree topped by Marie (Made by Sugar Cookie Dolls) reigning proudly.

A glittering carriage

A sparkling wreath.

Marie Arden shares Marie Antoinette’s monogram. Luckily star paperie Paper Nosh makes a monogram ornament that suits both.

The tree sits atop a table with hand fans and photos of our queen in a bed of soft tulle.

Marie Arden has more than this tree to make me jealous. Apparently this past June she saw the queen’s apartments at Versailles. She is also rehabbing an old sleigh with a pink MA monogram and we all know how much our queen loved to sled.

To see more of her lovely photos of this and other things, check out:


5 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette Christmas Tree

  1. Ladycathead says:

    How lovely! I would love to do a Marie themed tree, but haven’t amassed the bits to do it yet. I did put together a tree for Valentine’s day though. It should be a short hop from that theme to this. Happy to still see trees after Christmas. Why should we take them down now when we need the light and frivolity the most?


  2. mistressoftheblog says:

    I agree.My tree is still up. And I’d like to say it’s to keep that sense of light and frivolity during some of the coldest parts of the winter. (Really, it’s because I’m a little lazy but we don’t need to dwell on that).

    If you do another tree for Valentine’s send it along! I’d love to see it.


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      It is quite lovely, isn’t it? And really, it is the type of thing that can last beyond Christmas. Why not, you know? They make Halloween and Easter trees now. Why not winter themed trees that brighten the entire season?


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