Stay at Versailles, gorgeous lingerie and getting Marie Antoinette’s Hair

Good morning, Lovelies. Here’s another compilation of all the news a lady of worth can use.

First off, the Palace of Versailles has finally figured out that people will pay large sums of money to stay at the palace of Versailles. One of the buildings on the grounds will be renovated by a private company to used as a hotel, saving the government the money and hassle. I don’t believe rates have been released, and it will likely be expensive, but until then I can pretend that my first trip to Versailles will involve waking up on the grounds. Read this NPR story that explains all about it.

Secondly, those of you who love beautiful things, can ogle this beautiful Marie Antoinette-inspired lingerie from Fox & Rose. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day or for the bride looking to get a little luckier than our queen did on her bridal night.

Those of you making a visit to Los Angeles might check out The Varnish. This bar has invented its own Marie Antoinette cocktail, this one with a stainless steel straw, according to blog Adventure Eating.

Lastly, blog Ferrebeekeeper offers this interesting post about the Tiara of Marie-Therese, Marie Antoinette’s proud and loyal daughter. The tiara is apparently at the Louvre, adding to the many examples of how spectacular that institution is.

Bride’s magazine explains that the Marie Antoinette pouf is still the rage for modern brides of style. Learn more about the trend and how it’s put together here.


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