Where Modern Maries Go when they Go to New York

Modern Maries know New York as an awesome wonderful place, but they may not realize how  much there is to offer for Marie-o-philes. This will be a continuing feature and will include a post soon on the Met. However, I start today with upcoming events, shops and eateries you cannot miss.

1. To the opera!

"Iphigenie en Tauride" from Theatre La Monnaie, in Brussels.

I mentioned this in a previous post but the Metropolitan Opera is performing Iphigenie et Aulide, a piece by Gluck, an artist Marie patronized in her time.

2. To the Frick! See this fascinating exhibit “Turkish Taste at the court of Marie Antoinette,” June 8, 2011-September 11-2011.

3. The candles Marie used

To see this and other images from Cire Trudon, check out the tour on Cool Hunting (link below).

Cire Trudon is one of the oldest candle companies in world and has been at its craft since 1643. The tradesmen made Napoleon’s candles and Marie’s before him. The company sells its expertly perfumed cotton wicked biodegradeable vegetal candles in its new shop in Nolita as well as innovative items like “scent bombs” in tiny tubes you throw at the ground to release a fragrance. For more info check out this post from DesignSponge Or this one from Cool Hunting. 9 Christopher St.

Eats and Treats
4. Sample the Macarons of the French Court. Macaron Café NYC was founded by  Arnaud Cannone, a reported descendent of Marie-Louise, pastry chef to the French royal court. You can read more about how Marie Louise plied an Italian chef with wine until he revealed the secret for the  perfect macaron here, but all you really need to know is that the shop’s perfect flaky biscuits come in veritable rainbow of colors and flavors including cassis, espresso, violette flower, rose & litchee and that you can come for breakfast or lunch while you’re there. Macaron Cafe NYC, 485 7th Ave., (at 36th St.); 625 Madison Ave. (at 59th St.) or online.

5. Let yourself eat cake (and drink cocktails)
You can hardly visit the city without sampling its nightlife. Red Velvet Lounge on the Lower East Side offers murals of Marie and Louis, and pairs gourmet liquor infused cupcakes with cocktails (some even inspired by our favorite queen.) 174 Rivington St., 212.242.4743, www.redvelvetny.com/

Now, I ask you. Where you do go when you go to NYC?


6 thoughts on “Where Modern Maries Go when they Go to New York

  1. Juliet Grey says:

    I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where the Wrightsman Collection features furniture that was owned by Marie Antoinette — and a few pieces that were owned by her one-time arch-rival Madame du Barry. Magnifique!


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