Marie Antoinette Cupcakes, cards and other Valentine’s Day Preparations

I love Valentine’s Day. It is my favorite holiday and always has been. Whether I’ve been attached or not, I’ve always used it as a day to send nice notes to my favorite people, baking for girlfriends or sending along care packages with odd novelty candy.

As a result, Valentine’s takes preparation and it starts now.

A Marie Antoinette Mini Album from Antoinette’s crafts.

A Love Banner! Who can resist a love banner. From Vintage Paris Market.

A loosely-themed Marie Antoinette Valentine’s Party complete with a recipe for Coconut Creme Caramel. From Camille Styles.

Marie and Louis Cupcake toppers (That say je t’aime, can you stand it?) and fleur de lis cupcake wrappers. Apparently you buy them and she sends you a PDF you print yourself from your computer. From Paper Scissors Cake

And hold onto your panniers.

That’s right. Marie Antoinette Cupcake toppers and wrappers so it’s like the cupcake is Marie Antoinette. [Note to self: Ask Nobel Committee if there is a category for the betterment of international cupcakering] Paper scissors cake.

(Who are apparently paper visionaries).

Tell me — what are you doing for Valentine’s day?

10 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette Cupcakes, cards and other Valentine’s Day Preparations

  1. chicsingersimone says:

    my dear I love Valentine’s day too! My decor is up (just need to put the rest of the hearts on the tree).

    You have inspired me with the cupcakes. Too charming~!


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      I really love the cupcake wrappers. I’m surprised that more companies don’t make them.They’re usually pricey, so these are appealing since you can do them DIY. I bet you could laminate them and use them again.


  2. Ladycathead says:

    @_@ Okay, Those cupcakes should be on a pedastal with harpsichords and angels and lights and stuff all around them because that’s how **freaking cool** they are!!! Aaaah! LOL


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