White and rustic Marie Antoinette Wedding

Your blogmistress traveled to the Champagne region several years ago for the wedding of a good friend, who is French. Her family run a farm in the area and the wedding was a full day affair, mostly at their centuries old farmhouse. The barn, used as a garage these days, housed catering as they served a Champagne toast for the residents of the town. Bottles after bottle were laid on the lawn until they were ready for use.

When we were ready to walk to the courthouse and then the church, the guests all walked together through the town. I remember finding every detail like a movie set, reminding myself that this is merely her hometown, and her home church, and the simple perfection many of us work to put together for one day, she was effortlessly surrounded by seemingly at all times. I felt lucky to be part of it, even for a weekend

This wedding from Camille Styles reminds me of that effortless elegance. Perfect, but not complicated. Just easy and beautiful.

There’s something very welcoming about it, yes? For more, including the stylist, click here.

For my complete Marie Antoinette Party Planning Inspiration Page, click here.


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