Pink, Decadent Marie Inspired Birthday Party

For an exhaustive Marie Antoinette Party planning guide click here

Reader Helene turned 20 this weekend and marked the milestone in the only appropriate way possible: With a jaw-dropping Marie Antoinette inspired party. She and her friends dressed with powdered hair and 18th-century ensembles and a dessert table to die for.

Please join me in wishing her a belated birthday as we thank her for sharing her  truly amazing party with us. Put your wishes and exclamations in the comments.

For more ideas: Helene mentioned that she’d used some of the party planning links on this blog to fuel her own party planning. If you’re planning your own Marie-inspired wedding, birthday, shower or other extravaganza, check this link for more ideas.

Note on yesterday’s column: Your blog mistress’ weekend got away from her and missed yesterday’s post. All will return to normal this week. I think.

9 thoughts on “Pink, Decadent Marie Inspired Birthday Party

  1. Malcolm says:

    A very happy birthday to Helene. There is so much difficulty in the world today, for example in respect of the economy, that I am minded to find the positives in her party. Yes, it is a bit decedent, but actually, that’s good because however much it all cost – it’s money that is going back into the aforementioned troubled economy.

    And it is always good to see young ladies and gentlemen with smiles on their faces and throwing champagne down their throats. Ad multis annos Helene, and of course, Marie-A (hope that’s not vulgar).


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