What things cost at Versailles

Ever wonder how you’d make out in 18th century France with a pitiable layman’s salary? Here’s your chance to see what the good life (and the regular life) actually cost. 

Priest’s salary, 250 livres

Princesse Lamballe’s salary as a superintendent, 950,000 livres

Theatre at Trianon, 141, 200 livres

Bracelets for our rosy gal Marie, in 1775, 250,000 livres

Pension for Les Tantes (Louis’ aunts), 1 million livres annually

A party (complete with so many candles and torches and a burning moat it was as light as day in the dark of the night), 400,000

Gardens at Trianon (To make them as natural looking as possible), 1 million livres

Candles in the winter, per day, 145 livres

Candles in the summer, per day, 109 livres

Marie Antoinette’s coffin, 6 livres

Marie Antoinette’s grave, 15 livres, 35 sols


3 thoughts on “What things cost at Versailles

  1. Marie Arden Pink Living says:

    Sad about the coffin price, although I thought she was in a mass grave no coffin–maybe that was the price to carry her in coffin to grave? Don’t those large numbers sound like the USA deficit–scary!! But even in times past quality costs a lot.


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