Marie+Royal Tennenbaums, Dishes and Champagne School

Hello lovelies,

It’s Friday which hopefully means you are looking forward to a weekend of relaxation. Whether you are or not, here’s a little prettiness to start the break off right.

Fashion line Ellery merges Marie Antoinette with the Royal Tennenbaums for is Fall 2011 line. From The Style Platform

In the mood to gawk? China Purveyor Bernardaud offers collections based on historic tables, including our gal Marie.

Need some schooling on life’s finer points? Flute, a Champagne bar in New York (and Paris) offers a Champagne school to educate devotees on food pairings and growers and all sorts of things that likely go out of your head when you’re sipping Champagne. Check out the spring class list, and if you plan to be in the city try to make it to their live Jazz nights on Wednesdays.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful weekend.






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