Marie Antoinette Cupcake Topper Giveaway!

What’s good? Cupcakes. What’s better? Cupcake toppers. What’s best? A cupcake topper giveaway thanks to The Gypsy Factory.

This fun printables company makes a variety of party planning essentials, including….

Cupcake toppers…

Glam Antoinette Toppers are fun for bridal showers, milestone birthdays and fun with the girls.

Cupcake toppers with wrappers…

Let Them Eat Cake Toppers come with coordinating wrappers because they're fancy like that.

And banners

One can hardly have cupcake toppers without a coordinating banner. It's only civilized.

Each is printed from the convenience of your own home computer. I posted about the Etsy-wunderkinds here and today am happy today to announce a Gypsy Factory giveaway.

How to win: In the comments: 1. Tell me why you’d like to win! It’s that simple.

I’ll pick two winners, one for the Glam Antoinette toppers and one grand prize with the coordinating Let Them Eat Cake toppers, wrappers and banner. The winners  will receive the related digital files so he or she can make them in the comfort of their fabulous home for his / her  next fabulous  party / shower/ sunday afternoon with treats. I will pick the winner at random and announce the winner next Sunday. March 30! (Due to technical difficulties, some readers were having trouble commenting so I have extended the deadline. The problems should be fixed.)

Add to the comments below for this post to enter!

(To check out Gypsy Factory’s site — and their new Marie Antoinette Cards — click here).


13 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette Cupcake Topper Giveaway!

  1. Lucy says:

    Of course I want to enter this!! You know I LOVE Everything MA! I could so picture these not only for parties but also for my art work- the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the chance:)


  2. kushla pope says:

    This is the sort of thing that will get my son (12) jumping up and down in the air with delight. And he assures me he’s straight…… 😉


  3. Audrey Appudurai says:

    These are too cute! You would be mad if you didn’t want to stab these into fluffy cupcakes (that sounded quite macabre). Aside from the obvious awesomeness, they would be perfect for me and my fiance’s engagement party coming up, it’s going to be a cocktail/high tea party fusion filled with cakes and delicious treats canape style. These would be perfect!


  4. Connie Davis says:

    Of course I would love to win! I have 5 daughters, and 4 granddaughters, and I would love to share them with any of them. (I’ll have to let them fight it out!)


  5. Nicola says:

    I’d love to win the cupcake toppers because I’m always making cupcakes for my family and myself and think it would be the perfect finish to a good week!


  6. mistressoftheblog says:

    And the winners are…

    Nicky (the Let Them Eat Cake banner and toppers set)

    Nicola (the glam Antoinette toppers). (Nicola — send me your email so I can contact you about receiving your prize).


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