Versailles pics, a new blog, and Madame Tussaud

Versailles Travelogue
I have not yet been (SCANDAL) so for now i must content myself with photos of other people’s trips to the palace. Here’s a recent one you might enjoy as well (especially for the desserts at the palace cafeteria).

Win a copy of Madame Tussaud!
Histficchick is putting together this international giveaway of a signed copy of Michelle Moran’s newest fiction piece AND a pair of Marie Antoinette cupcake earrings. You have until April 1. To read more, go here.

A French Word A Day
This very fun site introduces you to one new French term or word each day and looks like a wonderful way to keep our language gears from getting rusty.

Like my blog? Maybe you’ll like another
I discovered the Madame Tussaud book giveaway and the French Word A Day site from stumbling upon Life Takes Lemons, a fun blog that merges Marie and 18th century lore, Marilyn Monroe, pop culture, great books on all subjects and all things beautiful and thoughtful. Take a look.

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