Royal Wedding! Teal and Tangerine Marie Antoinette Wedding

Kate and Will have nothing on Marie and Louis. The masters at Cake Opera have been at it again and this time with a Marie Antoinette Royal Wedding. The Toronto baker’s efforts have been captured by wedding mag WedLuxe. Cake Opera, you’ll remember from my posts here and here, is a pastry shop run by a former historian and a sculptor. The efforts are completely Marie-worthy and I’ll post a sample here.


Produced by: Savoir Flare
Photography: Cloud Nine Creative
Stationery: Sweet Peony Press 
Floral Design: Stemz
Dessert Table + Macaron Favors: Cake Opera Co.
Photographed on Location at: Berkeley Church
Calligraphy: Barbara Kua
Rentals and Linen on Dining + Sweets Tables: Chair-man Mills
Linen on Champagne Table: Have A Seat
Fine China: William Ashley

To see more photos, check out the very gawk-worthy WedLuxe


8 thoughts on “Royal Wedding! Teal and Tangerine Marie Antoinette Wedding

    • mistressoftheblog says:

      Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s a good thing I don’t live in Toronto (where Cake Opera is) or a bad thing. It’s bad that I can’t actually taste their wares but good I guess that I can’t just spend every red cent on everything they do (because I think I would). at the very least I’d ask to just sit in the corner of their shop and never leave so I could just be around the prettiness at all times and they might think that was weird.


  1. Leah Marie Brown says:


    Another great blog post. How DO you find all of this amazing stuff?

    I wanted to let you know about two videos you might find interesting:

    1. A brilliant BBC Program about Robespierre. All episodes are online and can be watched for free.

    2. If you have a moment, I woud love your thoughts on my book trailer for my French Revolution set novel (due out in July):

    All the best!!


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