Deadline extended: Finding Emilie Giveaway! Enter by May 31

Deadline extended! I was swamped and could not promote my awesome giveaway. I’ve extended the deadline. Make sure you enter.

By now you might have read our lovely guest post by Laurel Corona giving a behind the scenes look at what inspired the villains in her novel Finding Emilie. I have 3 books to giveaway by May 31.

To be eligible:

1. Make sure that you follow me on Twitter (@wwmariedo). Include your Twitter handle so I know and don’t need to go gumshoeing.

2. Get your creative writing hat on. Corona’s novel imagines what might have happened if Emilie de Chatelet’s  daughter had survived. For the contest,  imagine Marie Antoinette had somehow survived. Tell me whatever you want (maybe you describe a daring escape or the shoe shop she opens in some podunk European village). You can say whatever you like as long as you do so in at least a couple of sentences and have fun while you do it. Put your revisionist histories in the comments of this blog entry below.

Get entering!


4 thoughts on “Deadline extended: Finding Emilie Giveaway! Enter by May 31

  1. Anne Fescharek says:

    If Marie Antoinette had survived she would most likely been exiled to Austria where she would live in comfort but disgrace. Her brother, the Emperor would have treated her with scorn because of her history of extravagance, whether real or not. She would have taken a commoner lover but would have worn black for the rest of her life in mourning for her lost husband and son. Her daughter would have been married a member of the nobility.


  2. Vicki says:

    If Marie Antoinette had survived she would have come to terms with the extreme changes in her life, retired to a charming French village and opened a cupcake shop.


  3. Lauren Conrad says:

    I don’t know enough about French history to be able to give a somewhat accurate possibility of what would have happened if she was saved. But I’ll give you a way she could have been saved: During her trial, while everyone yelled at her, they accused her of incest with her son. This was almost a turning point in the case because the people felt they had gone just an inch too far with the accusations. It didn’t save her life, but that came close to it.


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