Marie Antoinette Inspired Home: A NYC apartment

No, not my own sillies. My husband draws the line. But a fantastic one nonetheless. This one came from New York Magazine’s Home Decor issue. and you have to check it out. The inspiration was the famous portrait of the Queen as a pre-teen and the very modern space is mostly minimal but with sparing ornateness in chandeliers, accent chairs and the like.

For a photo slideshow and the story, go to New York Mag.

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7 Responses to Marie Antoinette Inspired Home: A NYC apartment

  1. Tira says:

    a wee bit too minimal for my tastes but fabulous none the less


  2. Have you seen the latest episode of Gossip Girl (the one from last week)?
    Blair has a wall with a M-A painting … you could really see it clearly!
    It’s actually funny because she’s dating a Prince..


    • I did see that. I’m not sure if that was MA on the wall. It seems from the 1800s, but I’ve always felt Blair was Marie Antoinette in Modern Day. She is dating a prince and did you notice his name was louis? I like gossip girl but feel like they’ve lost their way a bit. I’m hopeful it all comes together in the finale next week.


  3. Chelsea says:

    That pink room is to die for!! Love this


  4. Marie Antoinette-ish and minimalism and NYC are 3 of my top favorite things! The blue room is to die for!


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