Laduree opens! Macarons in NYC

Macarons are $2.75 apiece from Laduree. Photo from Stylelist.


There is but one Laduree in all of the United States and it happens to be just a few blocks away from your Blogmistress’ work. I have been remiss in many things regarding this blog, especially in trying out this well-esteemed Macaron shop (a favorite even of the regrettably fictional Blair Waldorf) that opened just last week. I mean to visit it soon and have scoured articles on its opening(here, here, and here), but wondered if anyone had beat me to it and had any thoughts. Is it magical? better than Macaron Cafe? Please let me know.

For other great Marie-worthy spots in Manhattan, check out this link.



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3 Responses to Laduree opens! Macarons in NYC

  1. I’ve been meaning to stop by too!


  2. MissDotty says:

    They look yummy, did you manage to go in the end? If I am ever in NYC I will have to check it out!


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