A reader asks: Games and a ideas for a 21st birthday?


Each Sunday the former queen of France answers your question on love and life. She’s got a bit of a backlog after a time away, but she’s working her way through them. 


Hi There!

I am about to turn 21 and I’m going to celebrate with a Marie Antoinette party! 

I was just wondering if you have any ideas for party games on the night? It would be cool if it was Marie Antoinette themed, but doesn’t have to be. So far I only have charades and poker as ideas, I need some exciting activities to get my guests excited!
The party will be in a private function room at a club, and there will be around 10 guests.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!


My darling girl, Happy Birthday! Every day is an excuse to celebrate but birthdays include cake so they are extra special. I’ve pulled together some ideas that aren’t historically accurate but should be fun and easy to replicate.

kir royale

Food: Offer food to pass. Something simple and decadent. Finger foods people can take with ease, sweets so small they can’t help but indulge. Ask if the club can create a signature cocktail in your honor — something bubbly with a sparkling win — that lightens everything.

Dress: Keep your hair up and your decolletage bare. This is a good rule for life, but especially a good idea at your own birthday party. Whatever you do, dress like you mean it. Someone from across the room should know it’s your birthday.

Details. Make everything special. Don’t just light candles, blow out a birthday candelabra. Send a digital invite that sets your fete apart.


Games: These are not games I played as queen, but they’re ones you might enjoy nonetheless.

1.) Birthday Bingo. You mentioned that you’ll have your event at a private club. Create a Bingo board from a sheet of poster board. Create squares for the things you think will happen at your party (a wish made, a toast said) and the things might hope for (a peck on the cheek, a wish granted). For fun, leave a square or too free for your friends to fill in. That night, ask your friends’ help to get you to BINGO.

2. Oui ou Non. Give everyone a ribbon. They can loop it around their wrists or their necks but if they say “non” (or perhaps some naughty word that will make your group roar) they need to give it up to the trickster who got them to say it. Those with the most ribbons make their own wish on your big day. Or grant yours. It’s your pick, depending on the winner.

3. Tattoo scavenger hunt. Give your friends each a slip of paper. Tell them each to ask you find a different tattoo at the club — a lover’s name, the ultimate tramp stamp, a foreign phrase the wearer can’t pronounce — and snap a shot with your phone.  You get your gifts when you are finished. (You could also ask them to give you tasks, a task, preferably PG rated, to accomplish at the club.)

Photos. Make sure to take some. Your faithful blogmistress will feature them in this space so we can give you the birthday extension that you so very much deserve, my dear.

Of course, for more ideas you can always go here and here.

Do you have party ideas (for games or cocktails) that you would like to share? Write them in the comments. 

And if you get a chance, your Marie is now on Pinterest. I find it dizzying but I remain undeterred. Follow your queen and she will follow you. 


4 thoughts on “A reader asks: Games and a ideas for a 21st birthday?

  1. Rosemary says:

    I recently hosted a Marie Antoinette BD party. Created invitations with copyright free photos of Marie. The invitation was from Marie Antoinette for an afternoon soriee. I purchased inexpensive crowns for each of the guests to wear, made a special crown for the guest of honor, and a royal coach table centerpiece altering a small Halloween pumpkin sprayed silver with lots of glitter and rhinestones. Started the party by reading a personal note from Marie stating court responsibilities kept her from attending but wishing the best to her ‘dearest’ friend. Everything was silver & aqua, lots of bling and pretty ribbons on the table. Made chocolate crowns (used a candy mold), and wrapped pink/white chocolate covered pretzels for take homes. Made favors with a brief history of Marie’s fall and rise as Queen of France. Served lots of yummy finger food,sparkling wine and a decadent dessert. Such fun!


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