A Marie Antoinette Costume in 15 minutes

Usually the former queen of France uses her Sundays to dole out advice on love and life. It being nearly Halloween, she’s decided to help you prepare to dress in her likeness, and has a gameplan to help you do so properly and quickly. As you put together your costumes, send photo she can post here to inspire your fellow readers. Email photos or questions to her at whatwouldmarieantoinettedo@gmail.com.

I. Hair/Makeup/Accessories: Truly, if these look right, you can wear nearly any ol’ thing and look like me. So concentrate on these first. Image

Hair: Sure, you can buy a wig, but if you’ve got the longer locks, try to go the full Marie with your own natural hair. At the very least, twist your hair into an updo and dust it all with baby powder. Whichever you choose, make a note of your friends’ reactions. The smart ones will recognize me right away. The slower ones will ask if you’ve dressed as Amy Winehouse. Or worse, Snooki.

An essential how-to:

Some much-needed inspiration.

Makeup: You’ll need to put your best face forward. Of course, I only used a hint of rouge in my day and even that was scandalous. For fun, you can go for drama with a fake mole, red lips and a pale, pale foundation.


For more a step-by-step, check out this great YouTube How-To.

Accessories: Surely, a modern girl like you has a ribbon she can tie around her neck or some some long fake pearls she can add for a sense of drama.  Other great adds are flowers, masquerade masks, feathers and even birds for your hair.



Or better yet, try a strip of lace over the eyes for a sense mischief. Watch this video to see what I mean.


II. Dress:

If you have more than 15-minutes, we can worry about your clothes. Of course, you can buy a “Sexy Marie Antoinette” costume from Party City. But that’s not why you’re here, are you? Here’s a plan for nearly any girl’s closet.

1. Spring for a crinoline skirt. American Apparel makes a nice one you can wear all year ’round.


Or maybe you have something, anything, made from tulle (an old ballet costume? Check the thrift shops.) If you are looking for an excuse to drop some coin, Anthropologie seems to always carry something tulle. Here’s the most recent offering.


That said, I could see this $29 number from H&M with a concert T and ripped fishnets looking pretty boss.


2. You can and should rummage through your underwear drawer. Look for a silky chemise or a slip for a delicate top:

3. Got a corset? Pair it with anything, from your favorite skirt to a classic pair of jeans.




4. If you don’t feel like wearing your underwear as outerwear, scour your closet for your prettiest pastel or floral. With your hair and accessories done right, even a modern sundress can make you look like a modern Marie.



5. Got one of those lace tops everyone was wearing over the summer? Wear it with everything awesome that you own. Picture this outfit with tricked out Marie-ified hair, for a very updated Queen of Everything look. 

Marie Look 4

Lace up booties look great…


But so do classic mules with buckles. (These are apparently on sale right now on Ebay.)


That should get you started. I’ll post some more inspiration below. Tell me your ideas or questions in the comments and I’ll try to help you with your costume.

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2 thoughts on “A Marie Antoinette Costume in 15 minutes

  1. Marie Arden Pink Living says:

    So glad you are back dispensing your wisdom and creative advice. The costume ideas are so chic and most people can relate to them. It must be gratifying that after 200 years we still dress a lot like you did only now we seem to show more skin.


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