We Visit: Brooklyn’s Marie Antointette-Inspired Cocktail Bar

Darlings, I’ve been gone for so long. But gone in blogging, not gone in spirit, which is most important. You, my heart, have been with me at all times.

I return for a very important reason. A Marie Antoinette-inspired bar OPENED IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. This is a real thing that happened. I come here to give you the highlights.

Upon entering the fine bistro Chez Moi in Brooklyn, you tell the proprietor you are there for Boudoir. They then open a door DISGUISED AS A BOOKSHELF takes you through a hidden passageway. (I don’t make these things up, people).


Secret Entrance, Courtesy Le Boudoir Brooklyn

Down a flight of stairs is a cozy spot with fleur de lis patterned floors and wallpapers, flickering candles and red velvet banquettes.


Courtesy Le Boudoir Brooklyn

The space is inspired by our girl’s bedroom, her private space where one only entered by invitation.

Your blogmistress tried the French 75 cocktail, one with cognac, sparkling wine and lemon. Her escort tried the Axel Von Fersen, with bourbon, applejack and caraway seeds.



There’s also a drink called the Guillotine (with Scotch and honey) and the Intruder, with something called Byrrh Quinquina and aged Tequila.

Darlings, go early, so you can get a seat. The spot books up and by late evening becomes almost a club more fitting in the Lower East Side than Atlantic Avenue, smack dab between sleepy Cobble Hill and respectable Brooklyn Heights. Still don’t miss it if you happen to be in the area. And if you are — give me a holler. We’ll catch a drink.

Question: Should we do a Marie Antoinette meetup at Le Boudoir? Let me know in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “We Visit: Brooklyn’s Marie Antointette-Inspired Cocktail Bar

  1. Stephanie says:

    That sounds fabulous. I knew you must live in a big city for something like that to be near you. The closest thing I have in Cleveland is La Coquette Patisserie. It’s champagne & macarons. I still have an hour’s drive to reach it.

    I’m glad you are back. Missed this pretty online haven.

    🌹❤️💋 Stephanie


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