I Try It: Laduree’s Marie Anoinette Macaron

Dear hearts, it’s been some time since Laduree first arrived in fair NYC. So long, in fact that an entire second location opened. This is important because the first location is nearly impossible to visit and the lines snake down the sidewalk. The second location, with a cafe, is larger and tucked away in the quiet part of SoHo.


I think when a macaron presents itself, it is a person’s responsibility to stop and savor it. There is no situation that is not improved by a macaron. And on this day just a few weeks ago, your blogmistress was in desperate need of good cheer. There’s no reason to go into the gory details, but it was complicated by a day of missed meetings and unhelpful train rides and your humble recordatriste needed an escape. Laduree, on the way to the A and C, was an oasis.


It was this day, this bear of a day in a bear of a week, that your blogmistress discovered Laduree makes a Marie Antoinette flavored macaron. Typically your girl orders the pistachio, but she could hardly resist a flavor that mixed rose and tea and all sorts of other good things. Anyway, it was delicious — so good that when your girl’s cappuccino lid popped off her cup, spilling milk froth all over her sleeves and coat, your blogmistress hardly noticed. It was a terrible day but a wonderful macaron. Understanding the difference is important.

Tell me: What’s your favorite place for macarons and your favorite flavor? 


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