Make 2017 Your Most Marie Year Yet

Darlings! I was gone, I was back, I was gone again. And now here I am. But please don’t think I’m not your constant star. I am. It’s just the clouds get in the way from time to time.

You’ve likely seen your fill of stories about how to make the most of this very new year. Do this, do that. Wake up early! Drink more water! Do something creative every day!

It’s exhausting being so fulfilled, isn’t it?

So much so, that we’re all usually so tired we can’t keep the resolutions going past the third week of January. That’s science, people.

Now, I’m not telling you not to set a resolution or that resolutions are silly or stupid. I am not that kind of girl. Do whatever it is you want, dear hearts. I will support you. This is not that kind of blog.

I am here to tell you that I found myself on these virtual pages around this time last year and I thought, ‘yes, I will come back. I have things to share. I will come home to you.’ And then the maelstrom of 2016 swept me up. That strange little year picked me up and spat me out far, far from where I’d wanted to be or thought I would be. I didn’t have control of my time. I was exhausted and ended most days in a crumple on the couch. I wasn’t even sleeping right. I was a bit of a mess. And I was far, far away from you.

Anyway, I mention all of this not to rag on poor 2016, a bedraggled year that’s had enough abuse. Or even to opine on where the time has gone, since there’s no more boring conversation than that.

I mention this to add to what you’ve already figured out — that I was gone and now I’m back. Because being lost does not mean that we will not be found and that where we’ve been is more meaningful when we have some place to go. So, maybe you were like me last year and the world got away from you. None of that matters. There is always another chance. We are here together now. And we will try again.




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