Marie-Worthy Things You Should Own

Disclaimer: These are things I bought with my own money that I earned and are not ads in any way and I received nothing for them but my own joy in finding and using them.

Being a modern Marie lies in the strength of one’s heart and the mind — as we well know. It’s a way of being and breathing. That said, a few well-chosen accessories never made that road harder. And with that, I have a few recommendations.


My Go-To Glass. Our girl was no drinker. She was more likely to sip mineral water than wine. But frankly either would be charming in this glass from West Elm that unabashedly reminds us to toast to our own health and happiness. This particular design might still be found in stores, but there are others from the line online, and they are on super-duper clearance ($7.99 each, clearance, people. Get’em while you can.)


My Salt & Pepper Shaker. On the surface, this Marie Antoinette shaker looks like a small desk-friendly ceramic bust. But as you’ve likely imagined, one can pull this bust apart, the head from the shoulders, and shake out your one’s table seasonings however one sees fit. Such is one woman’s legacy. Put it out at parties and learn which of your friends are really on Team Marie.


My New Planner. So, to be perfectly honest, I don’t own this yet. But I’m ordering it this weekend, so it’s as good as mine. And we can all talk about Google Calendar and iCal and whatever else we have on our phones and desktops. But there’s something about a beautifully bound, well-designed planner to help us make the special things in our lives more special. This is particularly lovely — even if I can’t pry you off your cloud calendar, this is work a look. (and it’s also on sale, Lovies,)

What Marie-worthy things do the rest of us need to know about? Tell me in the comments. 




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