Woman to Dress as Marie Antoinette for an Entire Year

Darlings, you think you’re committed to our Queen, but Helen Hopcroft has you beat. This writer and artist from Australia is spending an entire year dressed as our girl in part to improve her community of Maitland, Australia. As she mentions in ABC Australia this week, she hopes the project will show her community’s creative potential.

She notes that Marie Antoinette has become a symbol of an elite disconnected from its populace. This project is intended to turn that perception on its head, and make the queen’s story about celebrating a community, not being separate from it.

It takes around 2 hours to get herself ready — and she doesn’t have the ladies of court to help — and she says a trip to the bathroom takes a little advance planning. In her skirts and hair, she drives a car, goes to Crossfit, and gets to work.

She calls the project “My Year as a Fairy Tale” and fully launches this May. Learn more here and here check out this insane twitter video. And follow her at @HelenFHopcroft — I know I will.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/204164722″>MY YEAR AS A FAIRYTALE</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user55485219″>Jessica Coughlan</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


5 thoughts on “Woman to Dress as Marie Antoinette for an Entire Year

  1. mdecasper says:

    The idea to draw attention to her community in such a way is very cool, but i feel like “My Year as a Fairytale” is not very fitting. Also, if sh eis going to spend a year trying to dress and live as Marie Antoinette, I hope she gets some more historically accurate costumes, particularly since she is trying to highlight the artistic members of her community. That dress just doesn’t fit well. Or, well, look well.


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      What’s most important is she’s bringing attention to the queen and playing a little with how we take that history — that’s a big commitment and she’ll learn more likely in a few days of this than all of us will learn in books and museums. It’s the mental game — changing perceptions — that are most interesting. That said, you’re right that it’s difficult for a modern gal to get a full Marie Antoinette-level wardrobe. After all, Marie Antoinette had people to dress and design for her, so she had the upper hand there. Ms. Hopcroft is going to crowdfund for the wardrobe (i hadn’t mentioned this in my blog post — my apologies for not doing that) which will probably also make a full year go by that much easier, since clothes will be one of the biggest challenges of the commitment. (and there’s no need to say the dress doesn’t fit or look well — we can keep things polite and helpful, especially when someone is honoring the queen).


  2. helenhopcroft says:

    Hi, I’ve got to say that it’s lovely to discover a blog that addresses all things Marie Antoinette-related 🙂 Yes, I’ve recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to fundraise for costumes. Here’s the link: https://pozible.com/project/my-year-as-a-fairy-tale One of the things I like about the campaign is that a number of Hunter Valley based artists, designers and businesses donated rewards, bless ’em.
    The dress I’m wearing in the video is one we hired, and I’m actually wearing sofa cushions under the skirt to try and get the characteristic bell shape. Fortunately, we’ve just started constructing our first replica costume and undergarments. Very excited. Will send through pictures soon!

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