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Watch this: A Short Film Inspired by Fragonard

3 posts in as many weeks! I am on fire. Soon, one could even say I blog regularly. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? You surely know The Progress of Love, the series of Fragonard paintings commissioned … Continue reading

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I Try It: Laduree’s Marie Anoinette Macaron

Dear hearts, it’s been some time since Laduree first arrived in fair NYC. So long, in fact that an entire second location opened. This is important because the first location is nearly impossible to visit and the lines snake down … Continue reading

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We Visit: Brooklyn’s Marie Antointette-Inspired Cocktail Bar

Darlings, I’ve been gone for so long. But gone in blogging, not gone in spirit, which is most important. You, my heart, have been with me at all times. I return for a very important reason. A Marie Antoinette-inspired bar … Continue reading

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H&M’s Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume for Kids

Darlings, It’s almost Halloween. The one day a year where one can fully honor me without reprisal from social conventions. H&M has an adorable option for children — all benefitting Unicef. Take a look for a good cause. How have … Continue reading

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The Marie Antoinette Cake That Took 6 Months To Make

Darlings, you have to lay eyes on this major confection created by a British mother for the country’s Cake International competition. The cake took more than 200 hours to complete and features sugar eyelashes, something I wish I had back … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette’s Last Day

Marie Antoinette was taken to the scaffold today in 1793. She heard her sentence at 4 a.m. when the jurors filed into the hall. She was exhausted from a two-day trial accusing her of everything from espionage to incest. She … Continue reading

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Advice: When Your Mother Shouldn’t Be Borrowing Your Car

Each week, the famed Marie Antoinette of France solves the mere mortals’ problems. Got your own quandary? Let the queen know at My Queen,  My mother needs to borrow my car. The problem is it’s her fault her car … Continue reading

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