Marie Antoinette Party Planning Guide

If you’re looking for wedding or party ideas inspired by our queen, I really don’t think you’ll find a blog as obsessed with pretty pictures and Marie Antoinette as this one. In your service, I’ve gathered links to all the posts I’ve made about weddings and parties and dressing up as Marie to make your inspiration all the easier. The deal is this: If you make your own Marie Antoinette party I want to know about it so I can fuss about it on my site.


A tip from Glitterati Elite (A marie inspired bride to be herself)
A sheer, elegant teddy from Fox & Rose

Brides Magazine’s round-up of Hair inspiration photos
Reader party with hair ideas for 18th century guys and gals


Favor ideas:

Centerpieces and accessories for weddings and showers

A Marie Antoinette Cocktail

Wedding Decor / Party Decor:
Ideas, color scheme, accents, table ideas
Flower banners
Birthday banners, easy streamer backdrops
Flowers matched with lace, ribbons and candles

Weddings, showers and party photos:

I’m posting more as I find it. Post your own ideas or inspirations in the comments, or drop me a line at whatwouldmarieantoinettedo at gmail dot com.


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