Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette!

Maybe you  have a soft-spot for frippery, abundance and fun. Or maybe you are so into Marie Antoinette that you started a blog about her. Ahem. Regardless, you can consider paying tribute to her today, November 2, the anniversary of her birth in 1755. Ways to remember Marie: Enjoy her favorite things: Start the morning … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette!


Marie Antoinette And Zombies!

It was only a matter of time. There is, if you so please, a Marie Antoinette zombie t-shirt. In the illustration by Anita Inverarity, the Queen's neck and body is stitched up like a Nightmare Before Christmas character and she holds a dainty masquerade mask (likely demurely hiding from her court that she is a … Continue reading Marie Antoinette And Zombies!

Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume Inspiration

We have dabbled a little in Marie-inspired dress in this previous post, but Halloween is coming and as we all know, further discussion is needed to perfect the ultimate costume. Elements of the Perfect Marie Antoinette costume: 1. The perfect wig. Antoinette's Atelier on Etsy specializes in ornate wigs embellished with ribbon, curls and fabulousness. … Continue reading Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume Inspiration

Marie Antoinette Cards…and a giveaway!

We've done our share of party planning but when I saw these Marie-inspired cards at a store near my house, I had to post them. They're made by a card company called Calypso and they are fabulous. Cards for birthdays... Even a Birthday Wish from Napoleon himself Not to forget weddings Or new babies Buy … Continue reading Marie Antoinette Cards…and a giveaway!

Marie Antoinette Party: Hats, Banners, Cake Toppers

Each Wednesday in this space we've discussed planning the Marie Antoinette party, an essential discussion since such a party is not complete unless details are suitably perfect, fun and delightful. And help you meet that impossible standard, I've collected some super Etsy finds that make any Marie Antoinette party better. Party hats from Joosy Card … Continue reading Marie Antoinette Party: Hats, Banners, Cake Toppers

Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Even more awesome Marie-inspired invites

For an exhaustive Marie Antoinette Party planning guide click here. For the past few weeks we've used our Wednesdays to discuss the very important matter of planning the Marie Antoinette party. I've covered cakes and more cakes and last Wednesday in this space I introduced you to some very lovely Marie Antoinette inspired invitations. Since … Continue reading Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Even more awesome Marie-inspired invites